My flyfishing addiction began early on.  I think I was 10 or 11 years old when a neighbor gave me a flyrod to try out while fishing on his pond in Natchez, Mississippi.  I was given no instruction, but I think that’s what made it even more fascinating.  I never gave it up.  My first cold water trip wasn’t until I was in college, but the trout bug bit me hard then.  I skipped a lot of classes to spend time on the Little Red, Norfork and White.  Ole Miss didn’t offer a minor in tailwater fly fishing, but I got one for all practical purposes.  


    So in 1994 I started becoming somewhat of a regular around Heber Springs and I quickly became good friends with Jeff Hawthorne.  I learned a lot from him and his friends, Ebb Estes and Tom Bly.  I asked a lot of questions, sometimes late into the nights.  Soon, we started sharing our fly fishing knowledge freely.  There were no secrets and we all benefitted greatly from each other’s trials and errors.


     I began guiding here and there on the Guadalupe River in Texas while I was earning a Masters Degree in Education from University of Texas.  I believe my first guide trip was in 2000.  I loved it immediately because I could teach something I was passionate about.  After moving to Memphis and rekindling my love for the Arkansas tailwaters, I decided to start my own guide business in 2004 and became a full-time guide, tying flies commercially, building custom rods and whatever else I could do that was fishing related.  


     I still live in Memphis with my wife Emily and 7 year old son Jacob.  I have always been a "traveling guide" and in some cases it has given me opportunities to put a lot of time in on numerous pieces of water.  I keep a camper trailer on the Little Red River and call that home away from home, but if the fishing is good somewhere else or clients want to go somewhere else... have boat, will travel.


     Just like anyone else that is addicted to this sport, I love to travel other places and go on fishing trips too.  If you want to see some pics from my trips other places over the years you can click on the Gone Fishin tab on the left.


     One thing that I know to be true about flyfishing is that there is ALWAYS more to learn.  It's part of why we all love it so much.  I'd love the chance to teach you something new or show you something you have never seen.  





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